Alt. Healing

Energy Testing used to help you determine if you have a food sensitivity. If you are on a NSD (no starch diet), Gluten Free diet or a Yeast Free diet this method can help you to determine if there are hidden substances that you are missing

Chiropractic care is probably one of the best resources an individual suffering from AS would use. It is best not to just choose any chiropractor but find one that is naturopathically inclined. When looking for a chiropractor, call them and ask them if they consider themselves a Naturopath. If they say “No” move on. You might have to travel but they will be worth it.

Massage Therapy. If you have tight muscles, which most ASers have you will want to find a massage therapist that gives deep tissue massages.

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  1. Hi, joyce. My name is Marilyn. I love your article on AS. I was diagnosed with it several years ago. I had a severe attack, it was horrible. Omg, I could not sit, lay down, nor crawl without being in excruciating pain. Finally, I went to the ER and was given a shot to aleviate the pain. It worked but maybe 20 mins afterwards, my leg starting feeling numb on the side same I got the injection and numbness is still there, that’s been since 2004, when I received the injection. Thanks for the knowledge bout AS and bout the info on listening to the body. I am also using essential oils for all my ailments that comes up. No more OTC meds or should I say hardly any and so no prescribed meds as of now. Thank you

  2. gud day, i’ billy from the philippines.. i think i had an AS since 2002, but it was just yesterday when i know it through the net,, i also had an end stage renal decease, i laready in a dialysis 2x a week since 2012, it is really painfull and sad to have them both,, i think my kindney problem is the cause of my ankylosing spondylitis.. my spine curve is at around 40 degress already.. what will i do to prevent it severly.. is there braces or spinal support for these?

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