The Candida Diaries

The-Candida-Crusher-Diet“You know how you wake up in the morning and sometimes you look gorgeous and other times you look like you got hit by a Mack truck? I realized that my Mack truck is food. If I have no sugar, yeast or wine, I have no under eye bags and my skin is perfect.” Mariska Hargitay



In October I started finding a lot of information about candida and how it could affect my gut. I came accross a book by Dr. Bruce Semon called An Extraordinary Power to Heal and after reading it decided maybe this guy can help me. According to him and my biofeedback sessions, I had massive amounts of yeast/fungus in my gut/body. Well Dr. Semon stated that candida increases inflammation keeping the body in a constant state of pain. Of course I have to find some way that I can understand all this information so this is what I came up with:

Ulcerative colitis is the result of prolonged extensive inflammation of the colon or large intestines (Crohn’s disease is inflammation of the small intestines).

So when I got colitis I went to the doctor, and she being part of the medical community felt that there was a defect in my immune system for some reason, and she gave me a script for an immunosuppressive drug. Supposedly these drugs prevent activity of the immune system; ok so what is it doing to my body?

The most common side-effect of an immunosuppressive drug is immunodeficiency which means…. YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM loses its ability to fight infections or will at least be compromised. Hopefully I don’t get a cold, because that would be the last thing I need!

According to Dr. Semon, there is no research that suggests that the inflammation is a symptom of an overactive immune system but rather a sign of an immune system “mounting an appropriate response to a foreign invader.” Dr. Semon feels that inflammation looks like the inflammation you would find in similar infections, but in ulcerative colitis it persists because the Candida has somehow tricked the immune system into believing that it is not foreign. The immune system knows something is wrong, it just cannot figure out what!

Well if you think about the process above and how the immune system works then you can understand that the immune system is also affected by our Ankylosing Spondylitis. Each time we have an inflammation, no matter where it is, it hurts right? What is causing this inflammation? Why do our bodies have to attack certain areas trying to rid itself of this “bad” stuff?

I’m rolling this information round and round trying to figure it all out; I, diagnosed in 92, had only 5-7 years of back stiffness and pain until I figured out how to sleep well. I never had any problems with my gut; as a matter of fact I prided myself in being able to eat “anything”. Then in 06 everything went to hell, literally. I took one course of antibiotics for preparation of a root canal. Stomach started bothering me pretty bad and ended up in the ER with c-diff (Clostridium difficile which is the most serious cause of antibiotic-associate diarrhea, and can lead to colitis because of eradication of the normal gut flora by antibiotics). My life went downhill from there. The more inflammation I had in my gut the more my body began to hurt and then everything else slowly deteriorated. I had inflammation in places I didn’t know existed. So how can this be related?

If this theory is correct then yeast is now in my body, by the boatload, and my immune system is being tricked daily into thinking that there is some foreign object it needs to eradicate. As long as I have the yeast my immune system is going to be on high alert, attacking whenever it needs to. By this time I was tired of the pain this inflammation causes and if getting rid of some of this yeast works to alleviate the pain then I was game!

In the book, the doctor goes into great detail in describing what feeds the yeast and what helps to kill it. Why getting rid of most of the yeast is difficult but possible. He gives good reasons for changing diet and details many of his case studies. Overall it was very informative and persuaded me to look further, past my beliefs and take a leap of faith.

I began cutting out all things yeast related in foods and began taking Nystatin, and anti-fungal medication. This crap was nasty but if it worked who cared what it tasted like. Within 2 days the gut pains went away and suddenly my bowel movement were better than normal.

By November after several weeks on this candida diet my pain levels decreased, I started sleeping better and had more energy. I went to a biofeedback session and found that my yeast levels had decreased so something must be working.

December went by without much discomfort. The biofeedback sessions were showing less yeast and I had gone for an entire month without pain and gut issues. Unfortunately where there was no pain now there was. I was having constant headaches and was wondering if removing the yeast from my body had affected my brain!

Next- Can you say “Lacunar Infarct”?

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