Ankylosing spondylitis

New World

worldA lot of people resist transition and therefore never allow themselves to enjoy who they are. Embrace the change, no matter what it is; once you do, you can learn about the new world you’re in and take advantage of it. Nikki Giovanni

Welcome to my New World…… In April of 08 the “boss” and I went south for a one day workshop. The night we got there we went and ate at Olive Garden. I perused the menu carefully finally selecting chicken that was sauté with olive oil and broiled with veggies and rice. Can’t get any more gluten free than that right? Well the next day towards the end of the workshop the beast returned… The pain was excruciating and we had to drive back home afterwards. There was 189 miles of pure torture. I felt as though someone had put a meat hook in my gut and was turning it side to side. I sat in the car with my legs crossed and with each wave of cramping did deep breathing exercises. Once back in town I headed for the bathroom. I felt so bad for “boss” but so lucky to make it before I found the contents of my bowls laden on her car floor. Trying to figure out what caused this to come on I learned the art of research; first on the agenda was the food I had eaten at Olive Garden. What I found was that it did in fact have a coating of flour to hold in the juices before being seared and then placed in the oven. So there was flour on the chicken, I had a bad reaction ergo I do have Celiac’s Disease! Who needs testing when you can be your own doc, right?

After my stint with Olive Garden I was VERY careful to eat only foods I knew were prepared gluten free. Mexican food was usually pretty good but I even found that with their sauces, wheat was in the products. Chinese food was great too as long as I stayed away from the soy sauce. I would have flare-ups and the beast would return on occasion but I could always find a reason….. WHEAT. I learned to cook very well using different types of flours that did not have gluten i.e., potato, tapioca etc. I made desserts, bread, tortillas and entries that were not only healthy but good. I could not drink beer anymore so I took up drinking wine. In the first year I lost almost 25 pounds just being gluten free. Went to Oregon and out to Arkansas then down to visit my mom in southern NM without an event so 2008 was actually a pretty good year as years go and the disease did not prevent me from leading a normal life and that is what I wanted.

By December 2008 I had less than 6 flare-ups and all of those were of a very short duration therefore I think that it was a wonderful year!

Next week….. The Beast returns….

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