Ankylosing spondylitis

Life is Good….


There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.  Albert Einstein

In 2002 my husband took a job in Mississippi and my son decided he wanted to move to Arkansas. As I said earlier he played football and thought he would have a better chance getting a football scholarship if he lived somewhere football was the staple of life. So off we moved to Arkansas, and he was right, he got his scholarship.

During this time I couldn’t take my water-bed so I compromised with the “new” air mattresses. I bought this big huge double mattress and once I figured out how much air my back needed I was in business, business of sleeping that is. I could sleep on it peacefully and what was nice about it was that it was mobile. Everywhere I went I took an air mattress, it was fantastic. No more sleeping on hard beds when I traveled, which was a lot because while living in AR I worked in Memphis, TN which meant staying there during the week and coming home on weekends.

I do not recall any time of having pain or stiffness in my spine. I never had bouts of irritable bowel. It was if nothing was affecting me physically. I worked two jobs towards the end of my stay in AR, driving 60 miles to work in the morning at a new job in Stuttgart, AR and in the evening drove home and went to my other job at a movie store which was another 10 miles back and forth. The driving never affected my abilities to complete these jobs so I guess I was in “remission” as they would say.

The only time my pain would appear was if and when I had to sleep on a firm mattress. Other than that no problems, because I learned early to take that damn air mattress with me everywhere if I thought there was a chance I might have to spend the night. Funny when maid service comes in and sees an air mattress on the floor of the motel room!

By the middle of May, 2004 my son graduated, my husband and I divorced and I was leaving AR moving back to NM to take a job in the Four Corners Area. I was leaving my son to venture off to college and I was starting the next chapter of my life.

Overall life was good, and no pain meant a happy life!

Next week… THE RETURN

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