Ankylosing spondylitis

Wow, is that the old me I see appearing?

Update on how Humira is helping…. I want to be her right now!

Living well with Ankylosing and more....

It started last weekend after I went to clean up the beach with AJ.

Then again in the week I thought she appeared… for the past two days the old me seems more here than the old, achy self.

This past weekend I did a 3hr shift at work, dug up plants and planted them in a new spot…. Did you hear that? Dug up plants! Yes I used a shovel, bent down, dug a new hole, watered them. Some may think I am crazy shouting from the roof tops that I was gardening for 2 hrs. That’s when I realized this Humira stuff is working.

It was about 5 weeks ago I went out to dead head the hydrangea and my hubby let me get on with it whilst standing in the back ground. I couldn’t bend down to open the black bag to put the dead heads in…

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