Ankylosing spondylitis

Having AS is depressing, that’s just a fact, but we don’t have to accept this, we can find things which help us cope and make us feel better

I realized that I am depressed but until I read this blog post never attributed it to my pain! Thank you Jane, you have helped me again!

My battle by Jane Lark

Last week I talked about having long-term goals, this week I’m talking short-term goals.

When I attended the AS course at the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases in Bath, the first time, one of the things which really stood out for me in all the sessions which gave us advice and guidance on AS, was the session discussing depression.

The physiotherapists explained that when your nervous system is sending pain signals to your brain, caught up in this, is that your body will release chemicals which affect your mood. So actually pain makes you feel down, depressed, and I know when I was letting this all get to me, I then felt guilty about being depressed. Being absolutely honest, I thought about committing suicide daily, although I would not have done it, I could never have done that to my daughter. I felt guilty though, anyway, because of how my…

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