Ankylosing spondylitis

Treatment # 2… the 1st at home Humira injection

Treatment #2 on the Humira journey!

Living well with Ankylosing and more....

We had been anticipating it as per my previous post…

I collect AJ from Physical and Occupational Therapy at 3:45pm and had to head back to work to collect my phone. Yep, left my life line behind. Just a short walk from work is a Big Lots and AJ requested we go to get treats for after we inject ourselves. We stroll over, she wants way too much for my liking and she just keeps reminding me what is coming. She has me wrapped around her little finger, here we are with giant bags of Sour Patch kids, Big bags of potato chips, new cereal bowl! really you need that? She looked at me with those, I am going to inject myself and I don’t want to eyes… and then said “I could start to like these Humira days” She was clearly trying to take advantage and I stopped the…

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