Ankylosing spondylitis

The day the medication began… Humira Party # 1

Beginning Humira blog you should follow if you considering biologics.

Living well with Ankylosing and more....

Thursday was our BIG day…. the start of the Biologic medication that could potentially kill us. Well, that is if you read the side effects leaflet too many times,  speak to people with no medical background and believe what they say then catch the end of that Humira Commerical on the damn TV. Really does not help!

On arrival to The Hospital for Special Surgery for our training, my stomach was not settled and my head was starting to fog up about my decision…. Cue stabbing hip pain and lower back ache, the reminder of why. My eye felt a little off yesterday too, the main reason I decided to start. Uveitis is extremely unpleasant and it took a long time to get it under control last time, with high eye pressure added and glaucoma worries. I fear of losing my sight.

The nurse training us could not have been…

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