Ankylosing spondylitis

Five Minutes in a Dark Room With a Woman Changed My Life (And Best Marathon Signs!)

For those of you who read my blog and are runners, you need to check this post out… I laughed so hard my gut hurt with pleasure. And her other posts are just as amusing… :0)

Maybe Marathoner

I had my appointment with the sports massage therapist this morning, and yes, I’m going to go for the low-hanging fruit and liken it to a lesbian experience.  

She was a skinny little gal, but with firm-looking hands and pointy elbows.  I was scared at first, but soon I started planning a fall wedding.  She sized up my legs (my left is longer, but not significantly so), dug through the thigh chub and went to work.  She played some soft music, we got to talking, she got to going with the oil and I was in heaven.

She felt the problem immediately.  According to her, I had a huge teardrop-shaped area of adhesions, or scar tissue, along my quad and into my IT band.  Adhesions are common in runners–basically, it’s just scar tissue that forms from repetitive running.  The running causes micro tears in the muscle tissue, and the…

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