Ankylosing spondylitis

My new painkiller…. Xyngular!

In a previous post “Life is like a box of…” I talked about starting on the products from a company called Xyngular. I have now been on them since February 26 and thought I would update on my progress.

I began taking the products after doing an intense review of the ingredients, reading others success stories and looking into the company’s background before making the leap. There are a few good things about the products that have helped me, but by no means am I endorsing the product, just letting you know how it has/hasn’t helped me.

First off I started with their Ignite starter, which came with the Super Fruit Global Blend, a box of Xyng, bottle of Flush, bottle of Accelerate, bottle of Cheat+, two containers of Lean, and a shaker bottle. This is enough for the 8 day program, which is a specific diet of mainly protein in order to flush your system out. Because of how the nutrients/diet works you can rest assure that you will lose some weight.

What convinced me to try the products were the stories that were shared on FB group pages. There is not really any information on the web that I could find.

I contacted some of the individuals who are using these products, whom like me, have some nasty autoimmune diseases. I was not able to find anyone who was taking the products who has AS but some of you might find their stories of great interest.

Xyngular stories

  • Marilyn M.- I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 1 year ago along with arthritis. I had been very healthy up until that point. The pain was severe. It hurt to sit, stand and lie down. I was put on medicine by my doctor but there was residual pain that would not go away. My daughters had a friend (Kara Cunningham) who told them about the product Xyngular and basically my daughters demanded I give it a try. Within a few days all pain was gone from both my fibromyalgia and arthritis. I have run out of the XypStyx a couple of times and the pain returns. Once I start taking the XypStyx again the pain subsides. I have lost 45 lbs. in a little over 5 months and feel great. Xyngular is in my life to stay.
  • Haley O.-  I have Ulcerative Colitis, and have been battling it for 5 years now. I have taken several drugs including steroids, and using suppositories and I would go in and out of remission. At one point I was taking 9 pills a day and had to get a pill box!!! Bleeding several times a day, several trips to the restroom, I knew this was not a way to live. I hated putting all those chemical medications into my body, and who knows what the long term affects would be. In came Xyngular, found by my sister, who wanted to get my mom and I healthy, we were ready to try anything. For the last 6 months I have been taking the products, I quit my medicine cold turkey the day I started and have been fine ever since!!! So happy we found these all Natural, healthy products that my body needed. I will never go a day without them!
  • Jan- I was diagnosed in 2005 with Fibromyalgia, and have tried every med available, all would work for a few months and then would stop working for me….for the past 7 months I’ve tried med combo after med combo, only to have a million side effects and not much relief from the fibro problems. I started the 8 day 3 weeks ago. I’ve cut my meds by a third and some nights I don’t need them at all….and the energy has been amazing! I still have flare days and I still have pain…but my life feels worth living again. I’m sneaking up on 15lbs lost…I have a lot to lose, but I feel so much better…Xyngular has given me hope of living a HAPPY life with fibro as opposed to merely surviving each day with fibro.
  • Jane F.-  AT THE AGE OF 47 I was debilitated by Fibromyalgia and spinal arthritis spurs. I was unable to do any house work at all, not even able to stand for a few minutes because of the back and muscle pain. My husband and family had taken over the household chores completely and the shopping for the family. I couldn’t even shop for 10 minutes without extreme back pain, by the time I got to the checkouts I was having blood sugar crashes and was afraid to even drive home. I was beginning to see myself as needing to use an electric cart in the stores and even began thinking of what life with a scooter or walker would be like, and how soon that could really happen for me.  I am a huge skeptic, and have always had a keen knowledge of medical things, so I really scrutinized and researched the products and the Xyngular Company, not wanting anything to do with fads or dangerous diets (I had done Phen Fen and had all the fears that went along with it). I was unable to find anything legitimately critical, believe me, I tried to! I felt that what I found out about the benefits of each individual ingredient, (in each product I might add) really were safe, and the ingredients could possibly help my conditions. Then I tried the sample my friend Diane Munckton gave me. Four days later I was so happy with the pain relief alone from the Xyng and XypStyx that I started the whole Ignite Fat Burning System.  In August, three months after starting the Ignite products, I was down 33 lbs., and went in to see my medical Doctor about renewing my BP meds. My BP was normal. I was able to tell him that I was no longer taking Excedrin (used to take it 4 times a day), no longer taking Tramadol and muscle relaxers anymore for pain either. I had him take a look at all the product info sheets and ingredients and he told me they are safe vitamins, mineral and nutritional supplements in sensible amounts, and encouraged me and my husband to keep taking them. He then started to wean me off what was allot of high dose BP meds. That was the most enjoyable Doctor visit I have had in years! Last year I spent OVER our $2,500 in flex plan money because of my health. I prefer these safe and natural products over all those Rx & over the counter medications.  My life has been dramatically changed! I have my life and health back, my family has me back, and it keeps getting better every day! Not only am I now down 83 lbs. and 115 plus inches, but I am able to contribute to my family financially instead of being a burden while I am helping others gain their own lives and health back!

I want to thank these women for sharing their stories, there are many more, but couldn’t put them on here because of privacy issues, you know how that it.

xyngularSo what is my story? Following the 8 day program is tough, at first especially if you are on a restricted diet. When I started I was still following the Candida diet as well as gluten free and low starch. Some of the products have maltodexdrine so I was wary of taking them.  The company gives you a nice program to follow for the first 8 days and on the FB group pages you can find even more choices. The first 3 days I thought I was going to starve to death, but my friend and distributor told me about alternative options while on the diet.  After the 1st 8 days I took 4 days off and started the 8 day diet again. I have followed it 3x since getting the products and now am on a zigzag plan. Here is a sample of the diet plan.

I noticed right off the bat, the Flush helped to calm my UC. Other than when I was on Nystatin I haven’t enjoyed going to the “loo” so much! :0) If you have UC you know what I mean. I was and am having normal BMs, sometimes 3x a day, but they are “normal”. There were a few days while waiting for my next shipment containing my Flush that I took some herbal supplement and my UC flared up and made me miserable, but once I started the Flush again within 2 days all went back to “normal”. The other thing I found was that so much protein makes me very bloated. When I’m on the “500 calorie days”, where you add some carbs etc., I don’t experience the bloating. Overall I am very happy with the Flush product and will continue on this as I do not experience any pain or bloating and have been able to eat forbidden foods without consequences.

During the first week I noticed that my sacrum pain subsided immensely.  I was able to tolerate a day of downhill snow skiing and my energy level increased immensely. Over the next couple of weeks I noticed less pain but more stiffness. I don’t know if the sacrum/hip/knee/neck pain was masking the stiffness before and taking fewer painkillers might contribute to me noticing this. Stiffness usually happens when I sit for too long but it hasn’t bothered me at night. I have had only two flares which affected my feet and wrists but this could be from increased swimming, I don’t know. All I can say is that I have not taken any of my oxycodone since starting the products but am still on prednisone and lortab at night.

After speaking with Jane F. she told me to start taking Axion, 4 pills a day along with 1 Xyng and drink XypStyx up to 3x per day. I started this on Monday; minus the Xyng because I ran out, and noticed less stiffness, but it’s not all gone. I continue to drink the lean shake mix 3x a day and drink the fruit juice, 1 capful in the morning. Overall I am feeling better, but there are those days, stress days, that I think my symptoms are exacerbated by my lack of movement.

There are a lot of stories about weight loss, which I’ve only lost a little. There are stories about those who have gained weight, because they needed to not because they wanted to. :0) I’m really not concerned about my weight, but I’m sure many of my readers are, so those could be of interest to you.

As far as getting the products you need to contact a distributor. You pay a membership fee, which is very reasonable and little more if you are interested in selling the products. They put you on an auto-fill program but you can change that at any time. Some people may find the products too costly for their budget therefore reading the stories and asking questions will help you to decide what you should take.

The IGNITE Pack contains:

  • 2 canisters of Lean
  • 1 60 count Accelerate
  • 1 60 count Cheat+
  • 1 60 count Flush
  • 1 bottle of Global Blend
  • 1 box of XYNG
  • 1 Shaker bottle
  • 1 Product Guide/1 IGNITE guide

The product above does not include the Xypstix or Axion. If you want to try for the same reason I did, for pain, I would suggest the Axion, Xyng, Xypstix then you can proceed from there. Because I am so malnourished, from years of UC problems, eating on this plan, I feel, has helped me a lot. My skin actually looks better and I know I am getting the nutrients that I need. At the end of the month I go back to see the biofeedback therapist and that is when I will see how my body really is doing!

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  1. What an awesome testimony!! I am so excited you decided to try the products after first refusing them!!! Yay!! So Happy for you Joyce!!

  2. Joyce – I’ve been reading about this since you suggested it a few days ago. I’m usually really skeptical but so far I like what I’m finding out. But I was wondering how many of the products contain caffiene? I have terrible reactions to caffiene, it often brings on a Meniere’s attack… As you mentioned, information on the web is scarce and I can’t find the ingredients or nutritional info to find out. Can you help?

    • If you click each of the product on my page it takes you to the companies information page for that product. At the bottom of the picture is a download button, click that and on each one it will gice you the ingredients. The only one that had any “bad” stuff was the xystyx as they have maltodextrine. I couldn’t find any caffeine in them as listed. I even take the lean which is made from vanilla, which doesn’t agree with me but so far no problems. Most of the ingredients you will recognize if not google it like I did! Let me know if this helps. I will look further for the caffeine culprit! :0)

      • Wonderful! Thanks, I had tried clicking on your links earlier but couldn’t quite figure out where to go on the company’s site for the ingredients. I figured it was there somewhere, thanks for the help in navigating! I’m encouraged by your experience with it so far especially with UC. Thanks again!

  3. Stinam you can also go to at the top of the page there will be a customer resource tab. If you scroll down the page you will find each product listed in a download file 🙂 For a product overview you can watch step 2 on that same website. 🙂 Step1 will give you more testimonies on weight loss! 🙂 Hope this helps! 🙂

  4. Caffeine Xyngular Products

    Xyng and Accelerate both have caffeine, but not synthetic….rather natural caffeine. Xyng has jet black cocoa and Accelerate has kola nut….but natural sources. It isnt much…the Xyng has a little over the equivalent of 2 c of coffee and accelerate has about 1/4 c of coffee equivalent. For those who are really sensitive we tell them to start xyng like this: eat and wait about 30 min then take the xyng….and instead of 2 accelerate, take just one….after a while they may be able to take the xyng right when they wake up and wait 30 min to eat, and add the 2nd accelerate if needed. It is 100% natural but some are just more sensitive than others

    • For those interested in trying the products as Joyce did with a 30 day money back guarantee, go to and you can watch a short product overview and order products to try if you like! 🙂 Would be glad to answer any questions you have on the products and program!

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