Ankylosing spondylitis

My “Walk Your AS off” journey (updated daily for 65 days)

“Shoot to the moon do you say? “

“Yes I may, is that OK?”

” What will you do once you get there, might I ask?”

” Oh hang around, I’ll be tired from 65 days of stepping tasks!”

Ok so we are off and running, I mean stepping for Walk your AS off!  I will be keeping this to log my journey, and as you read you will become keenly aware of the fact that I didn’t walk much. But I won’t give up because I am very aware that it’s the short steps I take that get me somewhere every day.


Day 1- logged 6567 (8946 added for swimming) steps today, nothing much really happened, just that pedometers don’t work in a pool otherwise I would have got more :0)


Day 2- logged 29620 (26000 added to 3620 for skiing) steps today, unfortunately for my pedometer it was under the weather for a change, other than me. It didn’t want to log my skiing which was about 5 hours out of my actual stepping time. Yes I did ski, something I love but rarely get to do because of the pain factor. Over the last 2 weeks I have been getting in the pool and my muscles aren’t as tight, ergo, loosen up enough to ski right? (Thanks to Jenna for telling me how figure out step for other activities and then telling me I can actually use that… It’s about getting out and moving)


Day 3- logged 3703 steps today. Sitting in a chair getting your hair done doesn’t make for many steps but did pull some off as I pushed the grocery cart around at two different stores.

Total for week 1 (1-3): 48,836 which is a heck of a lot more than I ever thought I would get! I am so grateful to be able to do this. I might make my 1 million steps yet!

Week 1- my team rocked (picture to come) we logged 258,461 thanks to a lot of skiing and dancing. I’m just grateful these ladies are helping me to make this happen!


Day 4- logged 4048 steps today, not a very walkable day at work or after for me. Tomorrow is a swim day so lets see how long I can hang out and walk!


Day 5- logged 16,516 today. I get excited each morning at what I CAN do to get more steps. Doing my water exercises is not only helping me get steps, but now I am taking less pain killers through out the day. Is it mind over matter? 


Day 6- logged 4058 yesterday. Beginning to feel a flare coming on and really pushed for those steps…


Day 7- logged a miserable 1505 today. Could barely walk to the bathroom and stayed in bed most of the day. Feet flared of all things, don’t you just love trying to walk on pins and needles?

Day 8- logged 14493 steps, thanks to pool therapy. Feeling better but feet/soles still sore.

Day 9- logged whopping 4400 steps guess that is better than Thursday….

Day 10- logged 4395 steps, not a lot going on, but at least I’m making some steps.

Total for week 2- 49,415 steps for ME!

Week 2- Team logged 556,968 this week. I can’t say how excited I am for all of them. Total thus far 815,429!

Day 11- logged 5966; I will make 6000 soon!

Day 12- logged 5690; not as good as I would have liked, but I did get out and walked on my deck this evening to help me get in more steps.

Day 13- logged 17634 steps today with swimming and walking around my yard.

Day 14- logged 6438 steps today. My body shut down and decided to a take a vaca this evening. Thankfully the dog was there to help me get into the house.

Day 15- logged 15605, moving up in the world!

Day 16- logged 4535, slight decline, but hey I did swim on day 15!

Day 17- logged 6491 getting most of that while cleaning the acre of property of presents my dog has left me over the winter!

Total for week 3- 62359. I am happy I can say I didn’t believe I could do this many.

Week 3- Team logged 1,262,978 steps, AMAZING! Total thus far 2,078,407!

Day 18- 15137; swimming can be fun!

Day 19- 5030; slow day

Day 20- 7668

Day 21- 18,622; another day of swimming

Day 22- 6906

Day 23- 6994

Day 24- 4879

Total for week 4- 65,236. I am increasing steps weekly, Yea

Week 4- Team logged 584,846 and I added a new walker which should help to increase our steps!

Day 25- 6009

Day 26- 4533

Day 27- 5464

Day 28- 41385; did go skiing today so that really helps with the steps

Day 29- 7945

Day 30- 8908

Day 31- 8986

Total for week 5- 83230; I really need to find some more exercises to do in order to increase my steps but I am increasing each week.

Week 5- Team logged 1,121,799 Amazing effort by my team… love you guys!

Week 6 for me, not so hot as it was a really crappy week! Got a total of 47,781; The team however logged 849,627 for a total thus far of 4,563,277.

Week 7 much better. Logged 51803 and the team logged 763,087 for a team total of 5,326,374.

Don’t want others to forget during this time you can help me to raise money for ANRF “Is working with us on funding an Ankylosing Spondylitis specific research grant! This is a Mission Awareness equal to none and a concrete way to take action to raise money to support research for a cure. Once it is funded, we’ll know that WE did it! Patients powering the future – one step and one dollar at a time.” Thanks Jenna :0)


You can donate as much as you like here for a small/large donation (under designated type use pull-down menu and choose “other autoimmune) or with me you can pledge a flat, per step, or goal amount.

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