Ankylosing spondylitis

Life is like a box of ……

crayonsCrayons… every day something more colorful comes my way!

It has been a while since I updated my status on my fight to live with AS. I have been doing water therapy and not that I noticed much but my massage therapist and chiropractor have. I think that’s a good thing. :0)

Last night during my pool time I treaded water for over 30 minutes and did I ever feel it this morning. After I get up and get moving I seem to do better. I noticed the more I sit however, the more my stiffness sets in. One thing about a job like mine, there isn’t much movement. I get up every 30 minutes or so, walk and get a patient and come back to my room. But I have had a student since January, so she is doing my walking for me, which isn’t so good for my body. With the Walk your AS Off campaign going full bore, it has given me the opportunity to “make” myself get up and move. I have been trying to get as many steps as I can, not just for the awareness, but to prove to myself that I can do this… one step at a time!

Overall my body is feeling pretty good. Very minimal sacral pain and joint pain, but last week I did have some foot pain which made walking pretty much impossible. That lasted about two days then went away like it was never there. So funny how this disease just picks random areas of my body to attack when ever it so chooses.

On my last post I talked about ordering some products called Xyngular. The products were initially formulated for weight loss but a lot of people found it helps in other areas, such as Crohn’s, ADD, hypertension, high cholesterol etc. I read several accounts of people with Crohn’s, whose symptoms were the same as my UC. There were no testimonies from individuals with AS or for UC but I decided to give the products a try and have been on them now for over 16 days.

After the first 4 days I went downhill skiing and was able to complete 7 runs, which I haven’t ever been able to do due to knee pain. The second thing I noticed was that my UC wasn’t flaring up. I have been having normal BMs, albeit three times a day, no pain, no cramping, and no bleeding. I do have some bloating but I have found it’s my body telling me it needs to eliminate NOW! Once I do that I am fine. The third thing I noticed, although I don’t think it’s necessarily a good thing, is my increased energy. When I say, “it’s not necessarily a good thing” is because I need my sleep and I haven’t been getting more than 6 hours a night. I feel fine during the day, but I really love my sleep! :0)

The last thing I noticed is I have had little if any pain. I do still have stiffness but that seems to be decreasing as well and again if I am moving around I don’t even have that. I don’t know if it is the Xyngular products, but as of right now I have lost 5 lbs and around 9” total and have had no adverse effects from the ingredients in the products.

The hardest part I have found about being on this “program” is I feel like I am starving. You take some supplements in the morning with their “juice” then drink a protein shake and in about two hours eat 4-6 ounces of protein then another shake at noon. Take some “accelerator” tablets and around 2 pm eat some more protein and then another shake and before bed take a “flush”. I added more protein to each of those meals and did ok. You stay on that for 2 days and then every other day after that you consume 500 cal meal at lunch making sure you eat nothing “white”. After 8 days then you take a couple of days off. I am on my second “8 day” because I cheat and have regular foods on the weekend! Ha Ha

I will stay on them for at least a few more months and let you know how it goes. I feel that the worst thing that could happen is I can lose weight! :0)

If you want more information on Xyngular just shoot me an email. You can’t find much information on a search because the company limits what is out there, but there are many testimonials it you can find someone on FB who is on the products, which I will be glad to give you access to.

“May your day be as wonderful as you are!”

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  1. +1 for taking part in Walk Your AS off – I also find it a great motivator to get up and walk and stretch at work. To the moon! Also, sympathiser with how you feel with the random foot pain – I also find AS can still surprise me where and when it attacks different parts of the body – its so random, which I find frustrating sometimes.

    • James so far I have been lucky and even though the pain prevents me from doing some things I am very grateful I haven’t experienced all the other horrid concomitant symptoms that go with AS… Kudos to you as well in “walk your AS off!” :0)

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