Ankylosing spondylitis


aware as
AWARENESS of my disease is important to me!
I want everyone to know what I have and how I got it;
What I need you to understand is that my disease is not like everyone else’s.
I need an earlier diagnosis in order to make plans to keep my body from falling apart.
I need research funding to find a potential cure.
I need researchers to want to study my disease.
I need doctors to take my pain and symptoms seriously,
I need them to work with other professionals, to help make my life just a little more livable.
If you break your arm or leg, it’s easy to see, but not me you see I have an invisible disease.
How can others know if they are not AWARE? What we go through, do they care?
We need to spread the word, inform the lot, and let them know what we are all about. I want to scream and shout but it hurts, this pain of mine, which no one can seem to define.
AWARENESS of this disease is important to me!
For all of those who suffer with me, day in and day out.
It might appear that the light at the end of the tunnel is clouded in dust.
But together we’ll get through this.
Because it’s a must!
Getting a diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis can be overwhelming, but the emotional toll can be worse. Some make a long and arduous journey to getting a correct diagnosis; it may take months, even years, and once they receive an accurate diagnosis, the world they live in changes just a little bit more. They begin to do their own research, look for any information that they can find, and a lot of it is misleading, painting a devastating picture of their lives to come. Doctors don’t know how to help them heal, what they find; is to live with this life “I will go out of my mind!”
So if you are me, how would you get others to recognize your disease? How would you get someone to help you? How would you get someone to take you seriously? How would you get someone to be AWARE?
Friday will be the start of Walk your A.S. off challenge. It will run through May 4th,  World A.S. day. This year… we’re shooting for the moon!
If you would like to donate, as I am sure so many of my followers will, you can find a link here. There are 5 foundations that support A.S. research.
Together we can beat this, one step at a time!

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