Ankylosing spondylitis

AS in the News week 3…

Abbott gives hope for runners with battling debilitating disease to achieve their goals

Ankylosing Spondylitis patients who could barely walk, and had severe pain and disability, will now be running the Standard Chartered 10 km race on January 25th in Dubai, thanks to newer and effective treatments.

I have some followers who are runners and THEY are inspirations. I cannot walk a mile so for these individuals to run a 10K is nothing short of  AMAZING.

Increased occurrence of spinal fractures related to ankylosing spondylitis:

Study looks at a Swedish National Hospital Discharge Registry and concluded:

“Despite the improved treatment of AS the annual number of vertebral fractures  requiring inpatient care increased during the last two decades. Possible  explanations are population growth, greater awareness of fractures, improved  diagnostics, improved emergency care reducing fatalities, and a higher activity  level of patients receiving modern medical therapy.

Obviously the improvement of medical treatment did not reduce the susceptibility of these patients to unstable fractures. Thus the restrictive injury prevention  recommendations for patients with AS cannot be diffused, but must be critically  revised to improve patient safety.”

Distinguishing factors between mechanical and inflammatory back pains

A nice article out of Kuwait describing AS and its effects. I like to see these stories because they increasing awareness.

Lack of support for MSDs sees thousands forced out of work

Hundreds of thousands of workers are forced to leave work or take early retirement because of a lack of support from their employers around musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), a new report has found.

The study, published by think-tank The Work Foundation in December 2012, warned that a lack of positive practice to support people with MSDs in the workplace was leaving hundreds of thousands at risk of lost earnings, reduced productive working time and early retirement, putting an accompanying strain on both household incomes and the UK welfare system.

An this my friends was my inspiration for my recent article…..

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