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Candida Diaries.. Part II

nystatinIt’s been a while since I made an update on my fight with the “FUNGUS” so I thought I better document the progress before I forget it….  The nystatin must be working as now I have begun to introduce foods into my diet that I haven’t eaten in years. My UC symptoms have essentially vanished, have had no gut pain and no sacrum pain, well except for one instance 2 weeks ago.

We had gone out to eat and I ordered fish and chips, and you know, you just cant’ eat french fries without ketchup and fish without tartar sauce, no matter how hard you try. At least I can’t. I didn’t have a lot but right on the bottle of ketchup it said “vinegar” and I just ignored it. That night not even 3 hours after eating my gut was very, very upset. It went away after having a bowel movement (which is occurring 3x a day) but the next morning I had a mild, uncomfortable pain in my sacrum. It finally diminished around the 3rd day and hasn’t come back.

Now on Christmas day I went skiing, and did not suffer any pain afterwards, and I have gone for over a month without a massage. I normally cannot go a week and half let alone 4 weeks. My massage therapist called to ask if I was doing ok, since I cancelled two scheduled appointments. I told her I was doing great and only cancelled because work was too hectic. But yes, my body is not nearly as tight as it usually is, however, I have an appointment tomorrow and I will let her be the judge, jury and executioner when it comes to how lose my muscles really are.

The only drawback from getting rid of the fungus is the headaches. I have had some heavy hitters in the last month and some mild, continuous, throbbing ones. The ibuprofen works ok if I’m not too busy to take them. Overall I think the diet and nystatin has worked thus far but only time will tell, for now what I really care about is that there is no pain and food is looking mighty yummy these days….


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