alternative healing

The Candida Diaries

Yesterday I went to see the “bio-feedback” therapist and walla, the Nystatin really does work! nystatinThe machine indicated that the fungus levels in my gut dropped by half, I was so excited…. The therapist was amazed that it dropped that much in just over a month. The problem I told her was that I was getting headaches and she said that as fungus (yeast) leaves the body it can cause headaches. The best news is that I have had no pain now for over 2 weeks. If I sit for too long then I get stiff but moving is so much easier. My gut feels better and I have actually tried eating foods I normally don’t eat.

The therapist wanted me to start on pro-biotics but I told her I will wait until next month and see how much more I can get out. Otherwise she said my gut looked really good and that I just had some vitamin B-12 deficiency. I couldn’t ask for a better Christmas present.

Last month I bought me some new downhill skis in anticipation of this and am looking forward to using them Christmas day. rocker The kids won’t be here and my husband an I will spend some fun in all the snow we have gotten, so I am very excited.

Now that the end of the year is here and this will probably be my last post until next year, I want to wish everyone a pain free holiday and with any luck a pain free 2013.

Remember to laugh until you cry;


sing until your body starts to dance…


and hug your family and friends….. hugs



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