Ankylosing spondylitis

Oh my “Candida”…. We CAN’T make it together

Well another week down and have to say I am feeling somewhat better. My flare has receded and now I can sit, and my UC has lessened, that is   until I decided to have some chocolate ice cream! I know I said chocolate was a no no but I couldn’t resist. It probably would have been ok had I not eaten half a container two nights in a row… Bad, bad…

I have noticed that things are going through my system much easier, without the gas and bloating. And I have increased energy so much so that I started doing yoga again. Unfortunately I got a set back with a muscle strain from doing too much stretching. Now I’m feeling a bit better from that, at least I can squat down!

I have been watching everything I eat to make sure there is no malt or vinegar, began drinking more tea, no fruit punch, and have decreased my intake of gluten. I haven’t been able to start the nystatin yet because the pharmacy had to order it. I hope it gets in soon! It really gets hard looking at foods and trying to decide if the ingredient could potentially have some fermented food in it.  This has led me on another quest, understanding this thing called yeast!

Candida is a yeast which is a fungus

I have found that:

Candida is NOT yeast…. Yeast is a fungus, Candida is a type of yeast fungus…

Yeasts of the Candida genus is a group of opportunistic critters that cause havoc in oral and vaginal cavities in a lot of women. Candida is usually found in most mucus membranes of warm-blooded animals, including ALL humans. Normally, yeast gets the benefits without affecting the other organs it attaches to. However, sometimes these yeast strains can become pathogenic, meaning infectious.

They get this way by sprouting what is known as a hyphal outgrowth. It’s kind of like a branch on a tree, which penetrates the mucosal membrane (anything in our bodies that is involved with absorption and secretion), causing irritation and shedding of the tissues in the body. Normal yeast does not have hyphal outgrowth because they are unicellular fungi. Candida Albicans is thought of as a yeast infection when it is actually a fungal infection.

Funguses or Fungi?

So what does this mean? Well if you have Candida, you have an overgrowth of these yeast fungi that have hyphal outgrowth in all areas of your body not just in oral and vaginal cavities. Once it spreads to all areas it now becomes Candida. How do you get Candida versus normal yeast?

Think of yeast as something that naturally occurs in your gut, and lives in harmony with other bacteria. One day you wake up and you have one heck of a tooth ache. You get in to see your dentist and he says…. “You got some nasty infection going on in there!” and sends you off with 7 days worth of potent anti-biotics. Then a couple of weeks after you finish your anti-biotics you notice your stomach doesn’t feel to good and it all goes down hill from there.

What happen? This doesn’t happen to everybody, some people can get through this and the immune system kicks in pretty quickly to staunch the Candida outbreak but in other…. Well when the anti-biotics were introduced into your gut it wiped out all the bacteria and “changed” or “mutated” the yeast in your gut into this microbe that leaches out and infests bodily tissues moving into organs. It learns to mimic other organisms and gets by without being noticed. It feeds off of good bacteria, probiotics and food items that are fermented as well as sugar. By now it has learned to trick the immune system into believing it is a “good” bacterium so it’s left alone. Your immune system is on high alert and because it cannot find the invader it begins to attack the body looking for the “intruder” making inflammation run rampant throughout the body….

And that my friend is my breakdown of how yeast… candida, has infected the body, why the immune system is not whacked out and that maybe most of the problems we, with autoimmune diseases deal with might be because of candida in our bodies….

Read and researched more than I cared for

So really, I have read and read, researched and researched more about yeast and Candida than I really care to, but I am now more educated on something I never even thought about before. What I have found is there is this huge market related to Anti-Candida warfare and what I found even better than that was these HUGE myth rebukers.

Below I have listed the myths of “Candida” which I found to be quite interesting and also if you have time check out the Nutrition London website  for myth-reality. This guy really cracked me up but showed some of the preposterous claims people make when trying to sell something…

The Top 10 Candida Myths

  • From Dr. Jeffery McCombs, who I found has great information that reflects my thoughts as well…

Alternative Doctor

  • From Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, who has somewhat different take on this whole Candida issue….

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