Ankylosing spondylitis

Getting rid of yeast… Not so easy Spanky

     Well it has been a week since I started following the yeast free diet previously mentioned in my article Book Review: An Extraordinary Power to Heal by Dr. Semon. I started by doing his first suggestion to eliminate all malt, maltodextrine and vinegar. It is amazing how many foods have these ingredients in them and don’t think that they aren’t in gluten free foods, because they are.

One of my favorite foods is Miracle Whip and of course it has vinegar in it. Tuna fish is not the same without it, but I have learned to eat without it. The first thing I have noticed is that my bowel movements, I know gross, are somewhat “normal”.

My gut has hurt less and the pain in my sacrum, although still there, has lessen. I quit taking all probiotics, and flora building products but continue on my candida pills.  I have been sleeping better and have more energy during the day. Yesterday I went to the bio-feedback therapist and she confirmed I had less “fungus” in my gut, but it’s still there in massive quantities.

This week I have started eliminating soy and cotton seed oil ingredients and started taking cilantro drops.  I asked my doc for a prescription of Nystatin, and she looked at me like I was crazy but said “ok whatever;  I really don’t want to know why!” I really love my doc! I will start that as soon as I get the script filled.

I have been trying really hard to eat healthy, buying foods from the Natural Grocers and checking all labels. I have shed 2 lbs over the last week and have started doing yoga again (it hurt to bad to continue until now).  I am feeling optimistic that maybe this might work.  Last week I had a meltdown after my husband said “It’s been 3 weeks since you felt good, when am I going to get to do something I like?” I cried for several hours before I told him “I’m sorry my body doesn’t accommodate your lifestyle!” I keep telling myself that people who do not understand chronic pain do not make any karma points when their cruel!

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