Ankylosing spondylitis

Book review: An Extraordinary Power to Heal

Well…  so I finished this new book which you can get through Amazon, An Extraordinary Power to Heal by Dr. Bruce Semon M.D. PhD and Lori Kornblum (his wife).

Now before I get into this book, I want to tell you why I even read it.  A patient of mine was using essential oils for pain which his wife swore by. I started looking into these oils and their use for Ankylosing Spondylitis when I came across a post where a woman was discussing Dr. Semon’s theory that getting rid of yeast in the body helps to eliminate inflammation ergo, pain….hum

As I reported earlier, in a previous post, that I had bio-therapy feedback done and one of the things she told me I had massive quantities of in my body was yeast. Now I have been taking anti-Candida tinctures and pills, but thought I needed to read a little further about this “Candida Albicans”.  I have neglected this “diagnosis” in hopes of getting comfort from clearing other areas of my body… dumb eh?

Now Dr. Semon, although not the best scribe, does make a pretty clear claim that Candida Albican or yeast does increase inflammation and therefore keeps the body in a constant stated of pain if the inflammation becomes chronic.

That makes sense right? Well let me explain what he says…

In this example we will use ulcerative colitis, which I have and am so tired of.  Now ulcerative colitis is the result of prolonged extensive inflammation of the colon or large intestines (Cron’s disease is inflammation of the small intestines).

So you get colitis and you go to the doctor, and he being part of the medical community feels that there is a defect in the immune system for some reason, and he gives you a script for an immunosuppressive drug. Now these drugs prevent activity of the immune system; what do you think doing this will do to your body?

The most common side-effect of an immunosuppressive drug is immunodeficiency which means…. YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM looses its ability to fight infections or will at least be compromised.

So… lot of good these drugs do if your immune system is compromised. Well, enough rambling back to the book.

Dr. Semon states there is no research that suggests that the inflammation is a symptom of an overactive immune system but rather a sign of an immune system “mounting an appropriate response to a foreign invader.” Dr. Semon feels that inflammation looks like the inflammation you would find in similar infections, but in ulcerative colitis it persists because the Candida has some how tricked the immune system into believing that it is not foreign. The immune system knows something is wrong, it just cannot figure out what!

I know you are asking “why and how does this affect me, I have ankylosing spondylitis, I don’t have colitis?” Well if you think about the process above and how the immune system works then you can understand that the immune system is also affected by our Ankylosing Spondylitis. Each time we have an inflammation, no matter where it is, it hurts right? What is causing this inflammation? Why do our bodies have to attack certain areas trying to rid itself of this “bad” stuff?

I, diagnosed in 92, had only 5-7 years of back stiffness and pain until I figured out how to sleep well. I never had any problems with my gut; as a matter of fact I prided myself in being able to eat “anything”. Then in 06 everything went to hell, literally. I took one course of antibiotics for preparation of a root canal. Stomach started bothering me pretty bad and ended up in the ER with c-diff (Clostridium difficile which is the most serious cause of antibiotic-associate diarrhea, and can lead to colitis because of eradication of the normal gut flora by antibiotics). My life went down hill from there. The more inflammation I had in my gut the more my sacrum began to hurt and then everything else. I had inflammation in places I didn’t know existed. So how can this be related?

Yeast is a fungus and now it is in my body, by the boatload, and my immune system is being tricked daily into thinking that there is some foreign object it needs to eradicate. As long as I have the yeast my immune system is going to be on high alert, attacking whenever it needs to. I don’t know about you but I am tired of the pain this inflammation causes and if getting rid of some of this yeast works to alleviate the pain then I am game!

In the book, the doctor goes into great detail in describing what feeds the yeast and what helps to kill it. Why getting rid of most of the yeast is difficult but possible. He gives good reasons for changing diet and details many of his case studies. Overall it was very informative and persuaded me to look further, past my beliefs and take a leap of faith.

So now what? Well I have started the 1st stage of the 4Stages diet which is elimination of all malt (barley malt, malted barley flour, maltodextrin) and vinegar (salad dressings, condiments, bread). The doctor says to stay on this for one week and then begin a regime of taking the anti-fungal medication called nystatin (it is very harmless and works well in combating yeast). I will hopefully keep this up until I get to stage 4 which since I don’t eat a lot of the foods listed in Stage 2-3 it should be pretty easy.

If you want information remember YOU are your own best advocate. Don’t take my advice but do your own research. This information I am using is for my own benefit but since I like to share you get all this as well!

Next time: Eliminating Chronic Fatigue…

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  1. Because of reading this book and seeing Dr. Bruce Semon in person miracles have happened with my health. I am very fortunate to live 1 hour away from Milwaukee, WI where his office is located. I have been seeing him for 4 years and following his diet and taking Nystatin. 6 months on the diet and 40 years of asthma, eczema, allergies, and daily

    migraines aregone and so much more has improved. Of course I lost 70 lbs. I must have been sick since I was one yrs old. When I first started taking Nystatin I could only manage 1/8 tsp 3 times a day. Now I can take over 1 tablespoon a day or more. My life is so blessed to be able to cross paths with Dr. Semon. When I do cheat on the diet many symptoms return. Dana Reed

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