We ARE amazing!

I have to remind myself of this often, especially when I’m not feeling my best! I have been reading a marvelous book, that I will be sharing once it is finished, and found myself crying because of what this woman has gone through. The last week my sacrum has been flaring up and nothing I do other than lay down seems to help. But reading this womans story makes me realize that what I go through is nothing and I mean nothing compared to her life dealing with this illness. 
Anyone who deals with an illness is amazing! People who dont know what we go through have no clue how tough we really are and if they were to spend one day in our shoes they would not be able to handle it.
There have been many people before us who dealt with illnesses and led miraculous lives, so here’s my shoutout to all those who deal with any type of disease, disorder, chronic or acute….. 

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