Ankylosing spondylitis

Man walks tall after sponsylitis surgery!

Awesome news for those suffering from kyphosis and what is even better the doc who performed the surgery for this young man did it free of charge. So nice to see these changes coming about in the worlds medical community.

Man walks tall after spondylitis surgery

Jaipur, Oct 7, 2012, DHNS:

Vijender Singh, 35, who ekes out a living by working in a tea stall in Aligarh, was suffering from ‘ankylosing spondylitis’, also known as ‘bamboo spine’.

In this disease, the entire spinal column fuses and loses its flexibility.  Vijender had started to bend forward, called ‘kyphosis’ in medical terms. 

For the last five years his kyphosis increased to 100 degree. He was unable to look in the front without bending his hip and knees. 

He was unable to sleep straight on the bed even with four pillows under his head. He was told at numerous spine centres — BHU, AMU and AIIMS — to undergo a surgery, but the fear of paralysis and the cost of treatment were stumbling blocks.

Vijender had a family to support with two small children. To spend nearly Rs 2 lakh for the surgery was not feasible for him. 

Then a doctor referred him to visit Udaipur and meet Dr Chirayu, spine surgeon at Shriram Bone and Spine Hospital. After a detailed pre-operative study of the patient’s condition, a surgery was planned. 

Singh underwent kyphosis correction surgery on September 25, which lasted for nearly eight hours. Today, Singh can walk straight. 

Dr Pamecha said deformity correction is a complex surgery that needs precise planning, state-of-the-art facilities and most importantly, a well-trained surgeon. 

Dr Chirayu said patients with spinal deformity, who can’t afford surgery, can visit Udaipur and get treatment at minimal or even no cost at his hospital.

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