Ankylosing spondylitis

Happy Birthday!

Well it’s official, I have hit the 1/2 century mark, yippee… You know what that means, I am now eligible for AARP and can go to the pool during “senior” time…. yea

My birthday was quite uneventful as I was on call during the weekend and couldn’t go anywhere that didn’t give me direct access to the internet. I did get to go out and eat a nice dinner but that is the extent of it. I had planned on going to Alaska for my 50th, but guess Oregon had to do.

I continue to have some mild-moderate sacral pain when I sit for too long, and have gained 7 lbs which I am not to excited about. After going off my steroids for a week my massage therapist was amazed at the tightness in my muscles and said “good thing you went back on the full dose!” After yesterdays massage I was so sore it felt like my body was in a vice grip and with every move the tightening increased. I went home, made up a detox concoction (see below) and soaked for 30 minutes. Went to bed right after that and slept like a baby! I so needed that…

Today I am feeling much better even if the sacral pain is still there… again I know that it is something that I am eating, but I just cant pinpoint it as of yet…

Detox Bath Formula

2 cups of epsom salt
2 cups of baking soda
2 cups of sea salt
10 tbs of ginger

Mix ingredients together and keep in a airtight container

When ready for bath, put 1 cup of mixture in bath with 1 cup of vinegar. Soak for 30 minutes….

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