Ankylosing spondylitis

Life after a vacation….

After 2 weeks on vacation, returning to work and my so called life was like walking through a grove of giant sycamore trees!

Monday, was  like trying to find my way back, looking for the clues on a floor full of pine cones; Tuesday was work, massage and chiropractor; Wednesday was biotherapy feedback treatment and Thursday was a doc appointment and it all went downhill from there!

My body was doing well, with some mild sacral pain but it was tolerable. I decided before seeing my doc that I was going to start decreasing my steroid intake and my doc agreed it was time, since hey I was doing GREAT! Friday I started taking half dose instead of the full dose, and on Saturday the pain was back although not intolerable. I did rest a lot and had to lay down a lot because it seemed my sacroiliitis was worse.

Sunday was better, but not the GREAT feeling I had been having. Monday, it just flat out hurt to sit down at work; Tuesday and Wednesday was not much better and yesterday, Thursday, my left knee decided that it was going to start hurting as well to the point it hurt just to walk.

I continue to check my food so I knew that wasn’t the problem so it must be the decrease in my steroids. Last night I took the full dosage again and now as I write this I am having little if any pain. Some discomfort in my “butt” as I sit but the knee pain is gone.

Although I am trying to get off all of my medications, there are some I think I will be on for some time. The Prednisone, although not good for long periods of time, seems thus far to be helping with the inflammation better than anything else I can find. I have considered going back on the NSAIDs again but don’t want to add it back just yet.

I just continue to be grateful that I am not as bad off as some individuals with this disease, and yes I will continue to find other ways to help combat this disease until my last dying breath!

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