2020 Health Report in UK released

A roundtable was held by 2020 Health on June 12, 2012 in Portcullis House, London, on “Forgotten Conditions”. These “conditions” are health conditions and diseases that usually get overlooked due to their low prevalence, meaning patients often get neglected or overlooked. 
The roundtable consisted of 15 health policy-makers, GPs, academics, public relations professionals and representatives of  organizations, came together to discuss “how to ensure that the rarer conditions that have traditionally been neglected by the
National Health Service (NHS) are allocated the investment and attention necessary to ensure prompt diagnosis and appropriate treatment for the many individuals they affect”. 
The report is only 13 pages long and can be downloaded for easy reading.
After reading it I thought “damn it’s about time” that the healthcare profession realized that people with AS, if diagnosed earlier, could have somewhat normal lives. I also found out that twice as many people suffer from AS as multiple sclerosis. Debbie Cook, Director of the National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society (NASS) was one of those in attendance, and she gave this roundtable a lot of information regarding those of us with AS.
Now if only the US would have a roundtable like this, maybe those who have not been diagnosed could have a better chance.
If you have the time read it. It does show that there is hope for us yet!

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