allergy testing

I love pain free vacations!

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     I just got back from a fantastic vacation to the west coast, driving almost 4000 miles through 6 different states and can happily report it was ALL pain free!

    I stuck to my regimen of checking all my foods with my “sticky/smooth” test and continued to take all the nutrients each and every day. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful life is when you can enjoy something without hurting the entire time. I was able to ride in the vehicle up to 12 hours on one day without my “butt” hurting. I went fishing on the rough ocean and even caught a good sized Salmon and never hurt or experienced soreness afterwards. We did do a lot of walking through Yosemite, San Francisco, and along the Oregon coast at different shops and tourist attractions and my hips would get “tired”. I say this because once I sat down I was fine. It was not painful but I could fee the “stretching” with so much walking.

     I had one episode of bloating but it was my own fault because I ate eggs, knowing full well I had intolerance to them. I just thought I would try it anyway since I had not eaten them for some time. Within an hour I knew I made the wrong decision. By the next day my stomach was back to normal.

     This is the first vacation that I was able to enjoy in such a long time. I cannot even recall a time that I didn’t hurt or did not have to come home early because I was in too much pain. I know some people who see me testing my food think I am crazy but after 3 months of doing this and living without pain, I don’t care what others think of me…. I am HAPPY and PAIN FREE!

     So does testing your food really work? Hum good question….
I have told some people about it and they have done it and tell me they have had the same results as I have. Knowing what foods your body doesn’t want, I feel, is really important, but does it really help with the pain? I have two experiences to share. I ate some “hidden” mushroom, which is a no-no for me and the pain in my sacrum was intense and then I ate some meatloaf that someone made, which I did not test because she said she made it “gluten free”, therefore not putting any crackers, bread etc. in it. Unfortunately she didn’t think of the “eggs” and the pain did come back in my sacrum again. Funny that meatloaf caused me pain, but the breakfast burrito only gave me gas! I just know that if I test a food and my body says “NO” I need to stay away from it, no matter what…

     If you haven’t tried this, I think you should, even if you don’t have much pain.Test all food for 2 weeks and then let me know how it went. I would love to hear others experiences concerning food testing and body pain.

Good eating makes for pain free lifestyle!

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