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Biofeedback Analysis and Treatment

On Thursday I went and had a Biofeedback analysis completed. It was an interesting process. After sitting in a comfy chair, the woman hooked me up with nice sensor head, wrist and ankle bands that were attached to wires which were attached to some box with a lot of lights which was hooked up to a laptop. I sat for 4 minutes while the computer sent information to my body and then received the information back.

The next three hours I sat with all this on as the woman went over the analysis. I never told the her I has AS, just my symptoms; stomach and back pain. What she told me truly amazed me.  I have talked in earlier posts about testing my foods, but this machine did a whole lot more. First question she asked me was ” did you eat dirt as a kid?” I know the look on my face was priceless as she laughed and said “I thought so.” she proceeded to tell me I had very high level of lead in my body and this usually only happens if someone has eaten dirt! Ok not all kids eat dirt but my sister and I did, and I think I recall “loving” it.
The woman went on to tell me that I had high levels of candida and fungus, I had a leaky gut, both my kidneys and liver were full of toxins and I had an intolerance to a boatload of foods!  Now since I began testing my foods I knew there were foods I was missing. I asked her if using my testing method was valid and she said yes but that I was asking the wrong question. She said I should be saying “can I eat this” and “can I drink this” not “is this good for my body/gut/stomach.” 
She listed all the foods that I knew about but when she started listing foods I missed I was impressed. The analysis breaks up the intolerances based on sectors. Each sector of the body will indicate “bad” foods. The top foods in all sectors for me were corn and sugar.  If you think about it corn byproducts are in just about everything, and I don’t even have to say anything about sugar.  I do have a gluten intolerance but it was nice to know that not all starches were bad for me.
Foods on my no tolerance list are: strawberries, corn, grains, sugar, rye, barley, honey dew, pork, lunch meat with nitrates, canola oil, vegetable oil, iceberg lettuce, egg plant, tomatoes, bell peppers, rice, buckwheat, eggs, oats, avocados, white potatoes, honey, coffee, cucumbers, cantaloupes, and mushrooms: I’m not supposed to eat bananas either but already knew that. I also can’t have anything with aspartame, nutrasweet, tartrazine. I also have a tolerance for tobacco and hairspray as well as perfume.
So now I can’t have coffee and a cig…. Hum…. I can live without that, but tomatoes? I eat salsa on everything and for the sugar, that is going to be tough. At least I can go back to cooking my gluten free foods once I figure out what I can substitute eggs for. 
The next thing she did was tell me what vertebrae were out, what bones I have broken and then asked me what my pain level was. By this time my sacrum was beginning to hurt after sitting so long so I told her 6. We talked some more and before we were done she asked “what is your pain now?” I hadn’t noticed but I had no more pain! I was amazed, I stood up, walked around, bent over, I was good, really good.
The woman got me set up with some candida, liver, kidney cleanse plus some drops to put in my was to help me with my enzymes. The lead detox will be harder to do since it requires me drinking a cup of cilantro tea everyday until a gallon is gone… Yuk
I am glad I did this and think that everyone, whether you have AS or not, should have this done. We know the junk we eat is not good for us but how bad is it really? 

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