Ankylosing spondylitis

The testing continues…

As I continue to test my food for intolerance using the pendulum I am finding more foods I was accustomed to eating when on my no starch diet that I shouldn’t be eating.

Today I tested cantaloupe and pineapple chunks and found my body nor my gut liked them! I LOVE cantaloupe and eat it by the bowl full several times a day every summer and now I find I shouldn’t be eating it. Now I know why I hurt so BAD last year!

The pineapple I can live without but there are other things I find interesting as well. Digiorno Pizza for example. When I tested a plain cheese pizza it was ok for both my body and gut but last night a stuff crust veggie pizza was not good for either (there were no mushrooms on it). Sweet and Sour chicken with white rice is ok but not fettuccine pasta. I haven’t really found a connection between the foods I can and cannot tolerate but we know all things aren’t created equally.

I have been using the “Sticky-Smooth” testing when I go to restaurants and the “Ideomotor” when I go to the grocery store. So far I haven’t found anything using these two other methods that contradict what the pendulum tells me when I test it at home. My stomach has been bloated a couple of times but I know it’s from eating “cookies” which I know I shouldn’t eat, but just can’t seem to stay away from!

I continue to have the AS stiffness in the morning but seem to do much better if I keep my scheduled massage appointments. Overall, after 7 weeks of no pain, I’m beginning to think that this pendulum thing just might work out at keeping me pain free!

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