Abbott Laboratories


Abbott Laboratories has a new website up called Face Your Back Pain which can also be reached by About AS. It gives you information about AS and how to find answers. The quiz is nice and asks just some general questions such as:

Did back pain and stiffness start before your 40th birthday?
Did symptoms appear gradually?
Do you feel better after exercising?
Has the pain lasted longer than 3 months?
Does your back feel stiff when you wake up?

It does not give a diagnosis but can direct you to further information.
Nice to note it doesn’t ask your gender, since of course we know that AS only affects MEN!

Overall, way to go Abbott, this is just another way that more people with AS can be properly diagnosed!

Other ongoing campaigns:

The Pfizer Group set up an ad campaign earlier called Back in Play started up and supported by European Footballers. It is a nice information site but you can only answer questions and take the quiz but is does not good for us here in the US. Glad to see this new ad campaign for the US.

The New Zealand Arthritis Association has a campaign going as well with Matt Lockwood as their poster boy. Nice site with stories from both males and females!

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