Ankylosing spondylitis

ASers Inspire Me!

Well I wanted to start off by telling Cookie Has AS Hopper from Faces of Ankylosing Spondylitis a happy birthday! She is the founder of a fantastic website that brings a lot of ASers together, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY COOKIE!

Over the last several months I have been conteplating writing a book. I know everyone writes books but the one I have in mind uses a lot of stories from others who have AS and combining the information into sections. In my mind it is like a AS users guide. I got this idea from Cookie and her fab site where I have learned a lot about others like me. There are so many of us who suffer from this autoimmune disease and everyone of us experiences something different. Unfortunately the medical community wants to put us in a “one fits all” category and try to fix us with what they “think” will work. We all know life doesn’t work that way especially when there are diseases involved. I read the daily and see how so many of us suffer, but not everyone has the same symptoms and everyones experience is different. I really want to give these individuals a “VOICE” with hopes of helping others who are diagnosed with AS.

So this is my shoutout to anyone who would like to share their story with me, and yes I would like to put names in the book so be forewarned that you will be published.

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