Ankylosing spondylitis

It was a 3 weekend; yea!

Finally! Started out a little rough on Saturday with my stomach not feeling up to par, took only 2 painkillers but didn’t need one Friday or Saturday night and didn’t take one all day on Sunday…
I don’t know if it my new “pendulum diet” but it’s amazing the foods I’m finding the pendulum says I shouldn’t eat. For example I have ALWAYS eat cucumbers on my salad, and recently started making cucumber sandwiches with my almond butter. But testing everything last night while making a salad the pendulum said “NO” for cucumbers!

This morning I asked the pendulum if I was drinking too much water, I drink about 3-4 large glasses a day and it told me “YES” and should only be drinking one. The reason I tested for this is if you drink a lot of water your urine can start to smell and look really cloudy. Believe me I know from experience and lots of urine testing, and when it gets bad the docs will tell me “Your drinking too much water!” You have to drink the amount of water your body needs and not what the medical community states you need: Water: How much should you drink every day?. Actually you should drink about 8 cups of “FLUID” a day and again drink what your body tells you to drink. 

Then I tested all of my supplements I was taking and out of 10 it said “NO” to 7 of them. I have been doing this now for 5 days and with the pain gone but my stomach still a little picky I think I will specifically ask the pendulum “is this food is good for my stomach” and not “is this food good for my body!” All I can say is that it’s a beginning and if I don’t have to take all of the damn meds I will be a happy camper! Have a wonderful week :0)

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