Ankylosing spondylitis

Food Intolerance Testing

For the past several months I have been trying to find someone to complete a food tolerance test on me, to no avail. Most chiropractors do muscle testing but not specifically for food allergies. I even tried to get my massage therapist to take the course so she could do it, until she told me about using a Pendulum.

I have used pendulums before but never to test myself for food sensitivities but I figure what the heck, in theory it should work! So I got home after my massage and started supper. Using one of my favorite crystals I tried the chicken and bell peppers and all was “good” (pendulum spun in a circle). But when I tried mushrooms I get “bad” (pendulum spun back and forth). I then tried the biscuit which I knew were “bad” and it was and then tried my green chili seasoning and it was “bad”. I eat a lot of mushrooms and eat that seasoning on about everything. I thought both of those were starch free, which they are that is why eat so much of them, but my body does not think it is good for me. So this answers my question “why doesn’t the NSD work?” because it’s not necessarily the starch that is causing all of my problems. 
I have been on a STRICT NSD and it has not helped that is why I was looking for other food sensitivities and I think I found my answer. The next morning I tried the rye bread and it was “good” so I fixed my chicken sandwich with celery, cranberries, apples, and miracle whip, all checked by the pendulum and verified “good”. I haven’t had rye bread in forever so now I am in heaven. I decided to chuck the NSD and try the “pendulum” diet for a while and see if I get any relief. I checked some of the things I know I can’t eat like eggs and sure enough it comes up “bad”.
When I got to work I looked up pendulum divination and found this great website. Feeling is put out by Barbara L Mallory, PhD. It is a nice little website and I found more than I was looking for.  
Feeling Free.Net is designed to inform the Visitor of several cutting-edge energy-based treatment approaches in Energy Psychology. As well, this website will introduce you to energy-friendly self-care experiences that are calming, energizing, enlightening, and even inspiring. You will find links to helpful Energy Psychology resources for both personal and professional applications. If you’re thinking of finding an energy therapist to work with, you may find the recommendations of “What to look for in an Energy Therapist” helpful.
There is one section called “battery problems” and I jumped right on it. I started using the 3-minute energetic self care routine and will let you know how that works. Anyway I read up on the Energy Testing Yourself and it is quite informative. And what I liked I learned two other ways to figure out what food, or anything for that matter, is good or bad for me. If your having any type of problems and suspect a food intolerance give this a shot, it doesn’t hurt and doesn’t cost a dime.

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