Ankylosing spondylitis

AS can = good spine!

Well finally got the news I was wanting, concerning my spine that is. My chiropractor got the x-rays of my spine and we discussed the results in detail. I was expecting BAD news since most people with AS usually have some form debilitation quite evident on their x-rays from curved spines (kyphosis), bone formations (spurs/syndesmophytes), fusing etc.

After seeing my films I understood why it is so hard for me to bend to the right and it makes it difficult for me to bend backwards as well

Now my S-curve was actually pretty good almost normal whereas someone with pronounced AS has a significant curve.

I did have one bone spur on my T6 but what was interesting was that my L4 was almost 2x the size of my L5. He said not to worry but could be the reason for some significant pain I do feel. The only other thing was my left SI joint looked very strange, there was no real definition when looking at the pic, guess my right aligned spine plays havoc with my left hip… hum ah that’s why that side ALWAYS hurts…
Anyway the conclusion was yes I do have AS and there are signs that show up on x-rays but I am very fortunate that my bone density is great, and my spine has not bamboo “d”….

Years of great posture (only because it hurts to slouch) has helped me maintain a healthy spine. It also doesn’t hurt to see a chiropractor every so often.

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