Ankylosing spondylitis

I Rock!

At least I THINK I do! I did really great this weekend, motivating myself to get parts of my neglected house cleaned and help my husband get pavers and rock around our pond. On Sunday I prepped my garden thinking that would cut down on my workload on Monday. Woke up everyday this last weekend with little if any pain and I felt GREAT! Monday I got up and went to Walmart and then started on my planting. By 5 o’clock I was DEAD! The pain in my back was not the pain I normally feel. This pain was the pain you feel after a long hard day in the coal mine, not that I have ever worked in a coal mine but I bet their back feels like that after being slumped over for 10-12 hours. My back felt like that but I thought “Damn girl you really outdid yourself, you got most of your stuff done on your list, your kitchen looks great and your garden is awesome, YOU ROCK!” So even if you accomplish a little bit remember pain takes more energy so celebrate the good days even if you hurt afterwards. Today I feel tired and sore and if I sit too long I get stiff but it wont take the feeling away of all that I accomplished this weekend….

Thank goodness for pain killers and steroids!

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