Ankylosing spondylitis

I want to get up…. but I can’t!

The last week I have tried really hard to get motivated to get ready for work. I find that even if I take a pain killer at 4 am I still hurt at 6 and it takes me another good 2 hours to be able to get moving. I wish my boss would let me come into work later more frequently. Sometimes lately I actually believe I’m doing a better job and we all know that when your not in pain you do everything better! I have trying to figure out a way to approach her about this but sometimes she get’s so taken aback if you ask her anything then other times she is fine. She is happy now and not as bothered by my lateness and absences since I my FMLA in and guess I feel better to knowing I’m not a lazy ass who wants to stay in bed all day! I guess the only solutions is to keep on truckin… because soon enough I will be dead!

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