Ankylosing spondylitis

All ASers Are not the SAME!

I have been reading up on and some of the questions asked by other ASers. I have answered a few in hopes that the people who read these comments realize that not all “cures” can help. But then last night I see this woman replied to one of the questions and I got infuriated. Here is the conversation:

“Does anyone else have AS in combination with Ulcerative Colitis? My doctor says the two often happen at the same time. I have been experimenting with a gluten-free diet on and off to some success. I generally experience less pain when I don’t eat wheat products. It doesn’t seem to have any effect on my colitis though. My doctor has given me Naproxen which is good for the back pain but I have to be very careful about how much I take because of my bowel issue. I’m actually considering marijuana…

My answer:
Same issue here and I had to quit eating starch. The colitis you are experiencing is from a bacteria in your gut called klebsiella. You can look it up on Once I quit eating anything with starch my gut quit hurting. Just follow the paleo diet minus the starchy foods like potatoes, wheat and some veggies like roots and you will see a difference in a week. Good luck! 🙂

Next Answer:
Many people have crohns or UC with AS. Myself, I have general “inflammation” in my colon but they say is not crohns or UC. They don’t know what it is. I think it’s simply from AS. Anyhow the klebsiella is a tricky topic in the AS community. Some link klebsiella more with candida… .klebsiella feeds on sugar/starch and sugar/starch is connected with candida. The inflammation that happens anywhere in our bodies from autoimmune disorders, even allergies, is not from a bacteria. It’s our bodies attacking things it shouldn’t attack, our own bodies. If a bacteria was causing inflammation, we’d just all be on antibiotics. There is also a recent study suggesting human beings may fall into three categories of flora in the GI tract. Depending on which group you’re in, that will dictate what a lot of your medical issues will be in life… And has nothing to do with how you eat… It’s just how you were formed. This is a really new study and hasn’t been given much attention yet.

Now I should respond to her but ignorance lack responses to answers that the poster obvioulsy is uninformed about. I agree with her that many people have “general” inflammation. That can lead to ulcerative colitis or just colitis, which of course can lead to Chrons Disease. Many people with AS live their entire lives without any problems with their gut, but…. and here comes the big difference and it is published everywhere. We all have klebsiella pnuemonai in our guts and if you have AS you most likely have it. It may not be activie and therefore gives no indication, so yes you could get some general inflammation. The problem arises when the gut looses its flora (my case I took and antibiotic) which robs the gut of all the good flora. Then in the next step something in the environment attacks your gut and infects it with bad bacteria (I contracted Clostridium difficile or C-diff). This environmental trigger activated the Klebsiella in my gut which went to work on trying to destroy the starch I ate. I have no problems eating sugar. Klebsiella and yeast/candida are two different bacterias. Yeast feeds off sugar and Klebsiella feeds off starch. Both of these will cause your body to attack things it shouldn’t and the only way to see what you have is get a stool sample done so that they can look specifically for the culprit. I have spent many hours, days, weeks, months and years figuring out that starch tears my body apart and causes me to have severe pain, not only in my gut but in my joints and sacrum. I know this because of endless hours testing these theories. We as a group have to find the medical community who look at the human body differenty than those who are treating us now. I looked for the research study the person above referred to but never found it. All I can say for the person who wrote the information above is that she is very ill-informed and should really start doing research on her own. Don’t believe what others say, search for yourself, try new things and give it a month before you throw out the baby with the bathwater! If you search even a bit you will find countless others who have benefitted from diet change, seriously what could it hurt!

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