Ankylosing spondylitis

Another week in paradise!

Well it’s almost been a week since I wrote last and can happily say that my pain level is literally tolerable. I have not had a painkiller since than and only one the night before and I can walk! Yesterday I went to have a deep tissue massage done and today the transformation of my muscles is incredible. I still have some pain in my sacrum but at least I can sit for longer periods of time. I’m still working on my sleep and went to my old Lunesta but found if I add NyQuil gel tabs to the mix I get a GREAT nights sleep, but I figure that wouldn’t be so good and wondered if I could get addicted to that. Sooo my friend suggested 2 shots of Baileys Irish Cream. What the heck either way I could become an alcoholic, so I tried it. Worked nicely with the Lunesta but sleep was interrupted by my needing to use the restroom. Tonight same trial but make sure I drink nothing after 6! I have been keeping up with the NSD but last night I did eat some sourdough bread with my almond butter and apple butter jam. So far today I am not seeing any side effects but I wont make it a habit. I really do like saving up those precious starches for something I really love to eat.. Tonight will be pork chops sauteed in apple sauce. Yum

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