Ankylosing spondylitis


So happy tomorrow is Thursday…..
Well I have made it through half of the week with the help of my wittle friends… oxy and lortab! Doc changed my sleepers from Lunesta to Ambien and last night was the first time/night that I have taken them. I think lunesta is better since I don’t wake up at 1:15 a.m. ready to go! Yes fully awake at 1:15 unable to go back to sleep, then a hot flash hits and then my “jumpy leg” starts… damn I thought “should I get up” but I knew if I got up I would be dragging by noon. So I did get up but to only get a Tums for restless leg and then another ambien for sleep. Well I can say one thing about the ambien is that is does knock you out quickly, just wish it lasted for more than 5 hours. And yes I did say Tums for my restless leg. For some reason it works and works quickly to calm the nerves in the leg which results in restless leg syndrome. Tonight I have decided to take two ambien and if it works ok the only good thing then between the lunesta and ambien is that the ambien is $20 cheaper! woohoo :0)

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