Ankylosing spondylitis

Some times…..

Well just spent 20 minutes just crying while speaking to my boss. I have spent 3 days off from work because it hurts just walking to the bathroom. I thought maybe I had overdone it this past weekend when I went for that short 3 mile hike because since then my legs, ankles and feet have hurt so bad that even the oxycodone didn’t help. I didn’t even tell my husband I hadn’t been to work because he just thinks all of this is in my head and when he does show some concern I know it’s not genuine. I know I’m in the middle of a massive flareup, and yes I have had some starch but not enough to give me this type of reaction. Usually the small amounts of starch bother my stomach but my stomach has been fine. My body however has not been. I went and looked at my vitamins and what do you think I find? Well the macafem I have been taking for my “energy surges” is coated with starch! I have been taking them 3x a day for almost a month and since I started them that is when my body started to feel more painful. Well I dumped them in the trash! I can’t believe I never read the ingredients! I guess I will have to go back to reading all labels and not take for granted that there is no starch in the little things.

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