Ankylosing spondylitis

I wish I was, I wish I was…..

lying in the Bahamas…. well at least somewhere warm and the wind doesn’t blow! I can happily report that the Macafem does work, at least to some extent…. I can now sleep at least several hours without waking up with night sweats which to me says “I work”. I got the products on Friday and started taking them right away. I went to bed around 4am, my normal time on Fridays, and slept until 11 am. I don’t recall waking up much. Saturday I went to bed at 3 am and slept till 11 am, again not waking much and if I did I don’t recall. The products says it can take 7-10 days and up to a month to work so if I can sleep now, I am so very happy.
The pain in my sacrum has receded but I continue to be very sore with a lot of muscle tightness. I am down to taking 1 pain pill at lunch and one before bed. It will take some time before the NSD kicks in and I am thinking about getting some more steroids to help kick the inflammation. Overall I am feeling better, at least much better than last week. If improvement continues I should be good in a couple of weeks, just as they turn on our irrigation water! I want to get my bulbs planted and then there is the garden and if I don’t get rid of the pain I wont be able to do any bending over or anything. Sometimes I think I should get a cane at least then when I walk slow people won’t stare at me!

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