Ankylosing spondylitis

When I want to…. cry

Yesterday was not a good day and I had been feeling pretty good for over 6 months so this latest flare really got me down. It had been building up and I did go to the chiro but a week to late. He got me back in line but not soon enough and yesterday the hurt really set in. Today I am feeling better but my boss is worried because she doesn’t want me to get to many “occurrences”, which 8 of these will get me fired! So what do you do when you have chronic pain? I know I don’t schedule these days, they just happen. I know they will happen but always hope they don’t. I don’t focus my time and energy on “will today be good?” I  just go with the flow. I find that when it does come along just go with it. Obviously my body needed a day off and I wasn’t listening to it so it decided to shut it down for me… makes sense eh? I did find a book which I will read tonight about working and chronic fatigue and will report back on it later this week. Today I am feeling better but am feeling tired. I boosted my dose of B12 but so far not so good. As I write this I am thinking that my bed would feel really good right now. The pain in my hip and sacrum are still there but not as bad and only had to take one pain killer today, so it’s a good day!

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