Ankylosing spondylitis

Oh the pain!

I have been reading some posts about sufferers of AS having difficulty getting medication to control pain from their doctors. I really feel for these people and think they must have some looser of a doctor. Why would a doctor not give his patients medication they need? IS HE TRYING TO PLAY GOD? What do you do when your in so much pain and cant move let alone get out of bed and your doctor wont even think of giving you pain medication? GET A NEW DOCTOR! Any doctor who thinks your just a druggy wanting some fix when you have a confirmed diagnosis should not be working in this field. I have been very fortunate to have a physiatrist who listens to me. She gives me lortab to help me with the pain and usually I can get by with very little on most days. I do use oxycodone for those really bad pain days but because it wires me I don’t take it very often. She has NEVER denied me this medication and I thank her for this. Reading what some of these people go through with their doctors just shocks me, but after speaking to a person earlier this week my opinion of doctors is getting less positive. This person told me, who suffers from chronic pain due to degenerative discs in his lower back, that his doctor quit prescribing him pain medication because he didn’t want him to get addicted to it! REALLY? Even this educated man should know that pain medication is not addicting; you cannot get addicted to pain medication because you normally don’t take medication unless your in pain or a drug addict. OH WAIT YOUR A DRUG ADDICT IF YOU NEED PAIN MEDICATIONS EH? You can go to pain specialist and they will tell you that you don’t get addicted to pain medications but you can build up a tolerance to the medication which will require you to need either different medication or an increase in your current one. I know people say all the time that pain meds are addicting. That is why they sell so well on the open market by idiots who need cash, and those buying them aren’t in pain they just like the “feeling” they get when they take them. People with chronic pain need some relief in order to function day to day and when docs don’t provide them with the relief that they need then the patient needs to find another doctor who understands what they are experiencing. There are plenty of days I would have never made it to work if I had not taken some pain medication, or gotten through the day had I not taken the meds. Does this make me an addict? If I’m not in pain I don’t take the meds and I am sure there are many like me who do the same thing. So why do these doctors think we want meds? Guess I will go out and sell my next bottle, I won’t need it really, I’m not in any pain! Get a life DOC, better yet get another job because you don’t deserve to be in the healing business!

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