Ankylosing spondylitis

Do people really experience pain?

Over the last several weeks I have discussed with people the concept of pain. Because of my experiences with pain I wondered if others have as well, and if so is it really pain or is it something going on in our brains, a chemical reaction that is trying to inform us that something needs to be done in order for the pain to go away. Working in health care I can commiserate with patients who are in pain and want to stay in bed and not participate in therapy. I feel that way many times but get up, take a pain pill and hope it sways the pain just enough to get me through the day. Pain is subjective, in other words what I feel may not be same as you feel. Some of us have higher level of pain tolerance while others don’t. I always thought I had a low pain tolerance until I had my hysterectomy. The typical time off is four-six weeks and preferred time is the latter. When I had mine I was up and cleaning before the weeks end. The doctor said that when he cut me open it was like cutting through rubber bands and that was the reason my recovery was so quick. My body had lived with pain, the pulling of muscle due it inflammation for so long that cutting me open was no different in terms of pain. Some days like others I hurt so bad I want to die. This week it is hard for me to sit for very long and I have to get up frequently. People who see us do not know if we are in pain, therefore we must be doing fine. Sometimes I want to yell at my husband when he’s expecting me to cook supper “I’m in pain, can you fix your own damn supper!” but I never do. Pain is the silent killer. It stresses us out, makes us feel like we’re crazy or worse suicidal. Pain only occurs to those who have to be cut open, break a bone or undergoing some life threatening procedure. If you don’t look like your hurt you must be fine. Get out and exercise, or get up and do something and you will be fine. These are comments I hear frequently so now I never say anything and just go about my day. So do people really experience pain? Damn right we do and just because you can’t see that pain doesn’t mean they don’t have any. Look into someones eyes and you will always be able to tell if they suffer from pain!

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