Ankylosing spondylitis

How do you deal with pain?

Well after my skiing jaunt left me somewhat sore… to say the least, my gut is beginning to feel better after 1 week back on the NSD diet. While out perusing the internet the last few days I realized that no one really talks about gut flares. Most people with AS have more pain in their joints, lower back and hips whereas I don’t as much. I do get pain when I am laying on a firm bed but normally my back and hips feel ok. My biggest problem since 06 has been my gut. I do think the NSD diet does help and the nutrients do help to keep my fatigue at bay. It is funny how this disease affects everyone so differently. I have noticed lately that my muscles seem tighter than usual and it takes me a bit to get up and get going after sitting for a while. I was wondering, do people with AS tolerate pain better than most people? I think we do. I don’t liken the pain to childbirth or anything, that was painful for me, but the more I need pain killers for these aches and pains I wonder if someone without AS could tolerate it. Some of the blogs about AS talk about having to roll out of bed, pain associated with getting their clothes on etc. I have not personally experienced this. I did have to sleep upright until I realized the softer the bed the better I slept. Once this realization occurred I have had no problems sleeping. I think everyone tolerates pain differently but those of us with AS and maybe some other inflammatory diseases have increased our tolerance levels in order to survive.

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